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Regenerative Medicine is an emergent cross-disciplinary field relying on highly specialized professionals with a transdisciplinary and integrated education. The international PhD Program in Bioengineering – Cell Therapies and Regenerative Medicine is designed to promote the emergence of research leaders in academia, hospitals and industry, able to produce cutting-edge developments on Regenerative Medicine, translated into clinical applications, and to promote new business ventures, improving human health and economic growth.

This PhD program encompasses a training approach with three main focuses:


i) Educational focus, through an innovative curricular structure (see Structure & Schedule) promoting a holistic approach based on the bed-to-bench-to-bed paradigm, where research projects are driven by clinical needs, and outcomes are aimed at translation into clinical applications;


ii) Research focus, through promotion of ground-breaking research carried out in collaboration of Portuguese and top international groups, hospitals and companies (see Host Institutions / Collaborations), thereby contributing to the formation of professionals with a solid education and able to act in this emergent cross-disciplinary field with privileged access to a broad international network;


iii) Clinical translation focus, aligned with a go-to-market attitude. A integrated training of PhD students by MDs, bioengineers and business developers that pioneered the field of Regenerative Medicine in Portugal will be pursued, aiming to promote the development of novel Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) with high technological impact in the healthcare sector, thereby allowing Portuguese SMEs to compete at international level.


The program will include training and supervision by MDs with a vast clinical experience, leaders of top international research groups and professionals of six Portuguese companies in the field of Regenerative Medicine. Students’ training will also include placements at international groups, hospitals and companies committed with the program (see Collaborations).


Bioengineering - Cell Therapies and Regenerative Medicine Doctoral Program Director: Joaquim M. Sampaio Cabral (IBB/IST)


Keywords: Stem Cell Biology; Cell Process Engineering; Translational Medicine; Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs)